Nye med tag. (Invest in things that are important.) Be kind to each other, be brave, outlast. Lana Del Rey - "Love" buy For almost the entirety of "Love Lana Del Rey cedes the foreground of the song. Partner - "Everybody Knows" buy A towering guitar anthem, somehow as much mischievous as righteous. Said the Gramophone has four authors: Emma Healey, Sean Michaels, Jeff Miller and Mitz Takahashi. James Irwin - "Carlo What Do You

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Dream" buy James is singing here to Carlo Spidla, his bandmate and friend, a musician and man beloved to Said the Gramophone. To when the biggest prizes were coins popping gling from a Super Mario brick.

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It takes 3:37 for the beat to drop - but then it's off, stamping, stomping, stepping, dancing, rejoicing in its confidence that the winner was Murphy. It's for a happy ending. With this - and the rest of No Shape - Perfume Genius joins them. Emma, tyler, The Creator - "911/Mr. Some songs that you heard in 2017 may have been omitted from this tally because I heard them before this year, and included them in my Best of 2016. But money doesn't figure into the actual lyrics, which are sung in Zulu, and which lift like the music, onward, upward, full of hope and possibility. The supercut gets the pop song it deserves, nine years after the invention of the term : mesmeric, faintly astounding. "The Locomotive" is not the most propulsive of its songs, not the most keenly catchy, but I am beguiled by it, bound up by its spell. A comfort to the baked, an inspiration to the sober - with scenes that outlast the smoke. Vincent - "New York" buy I love "New York" for its mournful, cement-blue verses.

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Why count these things together, or measure them against each other? But for me it's perfectly pitched, luminous. Mærke: Guess, str:. A figure full of disappointment, not easily described. Fruit that's sweet-smelling and overripe. I love the way Darcy sings his head's "full of popular songs".

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I'm the sausage man he sneers.) Here he hands the mic to Rose Elinor Dougall, who sings her rebukes in a voice like cold milk. Leif's Astral Weeks isn't far off. Music for the Age of Miracles saw them broaden their arrangements beyond (gleaming) electric guitars and "Falling Asleep" was for me a career highlight: not just Alasdair MacLean's sighing voice but Anthony Harmer playing santur, a Persian dulcimer, which perforates this song like the sun's. Andre Ethier - "Making A Living" buy Singer-songwriter and painter Andre Ethier, once of the Deadly Snakes, opens "Making A Living" with a nod to his google twin - LA Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier. You think, listening to Archy Marshall's drawl and lurch, his band's art-pop or surf-rock or woozy cabaret zzz. In fact, the music of Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel feels more to me about dissolving the individual, forgetting the maker. Really, this could be a song for either Ethier - or for you, for me, or anyone who's hustling. Now, without further rigamarole: Perfume Genius - "Die 4 You" buy 2017 was so many things, some of them encouraging, most of them terrible. Startling, galloping, meditative, present. Like Stuart Murdoch before her, Bilbao's Ana Fernández-Villaverde has a way of sounding soft and strident at the same time, shy and intrepid, as if "twee" were the codeword for a special forces mission (of love).

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