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Trustwortiness 0, realibility 0, child Safety 0, privacy 0, adult, yes, search parameters. In most applications you'll find that a large percentage of your components will end up as transient. Ground approximately 5-7 Business Days -9.95. Usually, with some practice, the decision is a quick and easy one. Singleton, singleton components will only produce a single instance that is bound to the container. Custom scopes, in addition to the default, CallContext scope, you can bind

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your components to any arbitrary scope you choose, by implementing copeAccessor interface. You might want to bind the repository to the subgraph.

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This is how you register a component as transient: Transient components may be tracked by the container: Release what you Resolved: Some people, especially those who used certain other containers in the past, sometimes forget that Windsor may track transient components. When the component is first requested, the pool of initialSize elements is instantiated and a single one of them is marked internally as in use and returned. Bound to nearest This option is new in Windsor.2 In some cases instead of binding to the farthest matched object in the graph you may want to bind to the closest. Create a free account to see more detailed data, more trends history and try out some of the Pro features of BuiltWith. (see implementing custom scope ). Scoped, windsor 3 added option to specify arbitrary scope of component instance lifetime/reuse.

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