People compose a question saying "Which of the following is not a cause of WW I?" (for example) yet they haven't listed anything following that question, and we who answer questions have no idea what they are talking about. Type the question in the ask box. Othercontributors simply have life experience and accumulated knowledge, which gives them a wide area of personal knowledge. De : 18 à 30 ans. There are millions of questions and

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answers on m!

Many, many questions have not been answered. After all, we are m! You can answer them yourself, if you know what the answer is to them, if you become a member of wikianswers. My son does - for homework! Inthe bad examples, above, do you see how someone answering might be, well, a bit flippant and just say "8 PM or "Evening or even"Working time"? Chatting - questions like "What are you doing?" and "What is the homework?" cannot be answered because this is not a chat room. One that tells you the name of the first person to post an answer - and one that states the name of the last person to edit the answer.

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You can read them by going to femme cherche pour un soir a th bobigny the Related Links below. And there are people that work in the field, have hobbies and life experiences and read a lot. After one thousand, after one hundred, or after one answer, any Contributor can opt out. The greater the number of "trust points" the answerer has, themore likely the answer is correct - as best as the answererknows. But a lot of questions are also unanswered.

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Their username isalso a link to their member home page, which may (or may not)provide more details on who they are. You will have a much better chance ofgetting an early answer to your question if you place it into theright Category! Just for reference: Russia has 11 time zones; Asia has up to eight(depending upon how you count the USA has six or more dependingupon DST; Australia has six or more, depending upon DST; SouthAmerica and Africa each has four; Mexico has four or (one. You go to your watchlist and find the question you asked and see if some one made a change. If you believe that your question has sufficient information to beanswered and should not have been placed into this catch-allquestion, please e-mail GoodQuestion @ m and requestthat it be made into a separate question. For a question to have enough information to be answered, the asker can't just assume someone knows what they mean.