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Unfortunately, in the process it's built a system that makes it easy for predators to operate, and has then turned around and aggressively marketed it to prey. As I answered previously, I think that one needs to consider the overblocking as well as the underblocking. Suppose one has several censorware blacklists: Blacklist Accurate items Inaccurate items Sex X1 accurate Y1 inaccurate (including Z1 health sites) Drugs X2 accurate Y2 inaccurate (including Z2 health sites) Rock

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and Roll X3 accurate Y3 inaccurate (including Z3 health sites) If you blacklist all. I had a passing thought, related to some other credit issues, of trying to get Slashdot to run an article by me, discussing that dmca exemption process in retrospect. Note the language there: private (good good good) edge-based (buzzword) solutions (business jargon). (and echoed by Ernie Miller ).

hotchat mobi canada

Actually, the "o" in that last should be an "e" - I'd post it more clearely, but that would just ensure I couldnt access my own blog any more. Chinese to English, works very well.?req_URLm/ The Google cache is considered a "loophole" too:?req_URLm/search3Fqcache And of course, privacy and anonymity (to prevent one's reading from being monitored, by either the government or censorware) is right out:?req_URLm/ In sum: Image searching is not pornography. Kaiser Family Foundation, Consumer Reports and the Department of Justice, among others, in his testimony and said that "these methods are adequate for evaluating filters." Ah, but what did the Copyright Office already say about his objection to progress against the Iraq army decryption. The "technoptimist" approach understates censorship capabilities and claims that circumvention technology is proliferating and the internet is a democracy-battering-ram chipping away at the crumbling walls of oppressive regimes. I think the problem is more an issue of "Toppenish" being a term which can't be searched, rather than a URL-based ban. Each county or municipal public library that makes available for public use computer on-line service, Internet service, or local bulletin board service shall install and maintain computer software or equivalent technology on any computer that is made available to persons under 18 years of age. The writer is apparently unaware that the results are consistent with other studies going back several years, because that's not the "conventional wisdom". A loophole turned out to be anything which let a reader view material prohibited by censorware - such as anonymizer/privacy sites, language translation sites, even sites which helped people check the design of their web pages. I could do that since there's nothing classified about the solutions to the problem that VOA has asked us to find, because our strategy is to assume the Chinese censors will be able to "take apart" the software and figure out how it works anyway.

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Band occasionally translating Seth's insightful, sometimes gleefully blunt arguments into legalese. This debate over ensuring freedom of access and accuracy of information - and who will rencontres amities lyon asnières sur seine assume the role of gatekeeper - has raised old problems in new technological contexts. Action is a detail. I should note here that I'd developed a tool which would have made historical/archival investigation much easier in this case. The m (see self-description) site has post on its experiencing various blacklisting issues. Besides amusingly funding a free hardcore pornography site list, the Utah state HB 260 censorware law has a very strange provision for spending tax money. Anyway, I couldn't resist, what is this thing? I don't think this is what happened. It's an impossible task - you have word of the US Department Of Justice on it Of course this is posturing - but the"s might be useful for anyone dealing with a censorware-maker Posted by Seth Finkelstein at 09:21 AM Comments (4) "Child Online. Ukcia will try to establish on what grounds Essex decided to censor access to sites such as ukcia and what parameters they have set for doing. Org m m m m m z m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m hotarc. "There may be reasons the teenagers have problems speaking to their parents about these (issues)." Here's where the side-switching happens, that people sometimes mistakenly refer to as a "contradiction". Would that ameliorate any of the basic problems inherent in the whole censorware scheme of things? Ml Anyway, this "discussion" went on for quite a while, good and bad. I've finally made sense of their announced "cash flow positive" quarter. But these days, sadly, I just don't want the hassle. I'm being censored here. I would also like to say that, for all this talk of the pornography sites, since they were blacklists, they are really bad collections of pornography sites.