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They greatly enjoyed their visit to the "Far West. C, Agenl for. Tho object of the imiotiiig is not only t/o talk over the various itiiprovo- ments )i ssible, but to see many of litem in actual operation. Pearso's ligiii-es must be intended to luisrepreaeiil I he t rue cost of puiiiiint and it must.-iilniit ted 1 hat with this objrcl in, iew their c, insistency leaves imlhiiig further. Wiirli only ti-nil t'l icaci.-iiul Ipi-iiiLT

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iliscn-ili. The hesl of Wine. Ss.if to iiiiUlleberger, n at the Fifth -Vveiiue llipiel.

noous libertin sarnia

SiiAKi'i (irailnah'.N.-irion.-il 'I'rainiiiL; Seliiiiil nl'.Music, LuliiUili, Koii- singtiui, l;iie 111' llie 'riniiiipaoil Opera., luiiclier iif iiiaiiii, urgaii, voice culturo. Je vais voir ce quil convient de voir sils sont vraiment interesse, elles en ont marre de la separation, ce nest jamais lorsquon fait connaissance avant les dials et exhib en cam. I )Uf LS AKK invitki).I Kl )1 ATK- 1 ly fur the leasing' of the eoiiiiiiodious Oeeideiital Hotel, adjoining tin' ileiot of the. Fur sale by N lliiiiiKN. Dominion government savings bank. 'I'lie liglitning struck the school building, damaging three windows on the south side. S TO 'I'kndku, his tliauiirt to till' tlreiiieii ami runielltnl ill V niiiriiinK. K., for I his eit. OUO,- tho Cosh Endowment and proRts payable at the ond of tho lenii are iiroporl lonately increased. Coleman., is staying at tho Driai-d.

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S, MouldiiiKH site de rencontre sans paiement inscription site de rencontre and KranicH, f the latest pal- i I'riiH. C, April 30th, 1887. Luid tliabppUiisatlon will he inailii to tlie Cldvunior-Qoneral in Coun- l il fur aia'ov'i! The liar is biiilillni;. Seven men were seriously wound-. QlKi)l.,l!:stone, luyiil-Um General AkouI. h.- conlerenc-e ol Ih,- with.

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St iirgess, cashier of tho First Na- tional I'.a.nk of Pendleton,., and wife and chilli came over on the.Soiiud steam- er yesterday, and are staying al the Driard. Tu reconnaissent avoir fait jusqua maintenant pas etre sur Chateaudun Chattez avec Jennifer a Chateaudun ou une rencontres sexe loisir propos mais sous conditions. The lueHeiit iiireiitinn, liiough a cliaiigi! FOU l liimi'i:iC imss, Thiirwday, at 7 n'elock. L F urguson, iiarliaineiitary secre- of the foreign ollice, stjvted in the I louse of commons this aftornooii that lOnglaiid hiul never acquiesced to the pros- it ico of Froncli troops in the New Mob- rides. Published every DAY except monday. Of London, l'!ng., aiiil. The company aru to be i-,-iised for their lU'imipt attention to and i-i-ino /il of w hat might have proved a si-l il MIS.J i'li'.nice. HiirK'eH or ot her Vesmd. For tliu purpose of mooting the Hon.

noous libertin sarnia

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To be had at Cowichan Lake. The fuel cinisiimed is eipial to the product of the feet lift of the pump and the number of pounds weight of water raised divided by the standarti of duty. HKUj TO. The regular meeting of tho school board ivaa held at tlifi city hall last evening. Fiennes clinton, Augl-Soi* N'aneouver. Kiinsiis CUy, At THE 1 H1AKD II I' I'aKe, Chicah'o;.S I' Stiirtris iiiitl wire. CAl'lTAl., lll X l l(lll lloiiiinioii (iovoriinieid lle osil, lim. Iy cit his ell'iirls lo ire.

noous libertin sarnia