12/16/88 Three pages of possible cuts. 1/31/86 Publicity form from Andre Deutsch. 10/17/85 Note from Knox Burger. Of 7 planned published by Viking, An Afghanistan Picture Show (Farrar, Straus, 1992 Butterfly Stories (Grove/Atlantic, 1993 and The Atlas (Viking, 1996). Journal from Thailand, Burma, Cambodia. Si vous désirez rencontrer une pute sucrée et chaude comme la braise pour profiter de ma compagnie, contactez-moi, excitée et riante, je vais vous faire profiter un moment super. Rosenthal-5/21/96, fax

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to Vollmann from Sawako Morihara-8/14/97, letter to Louis Kay from Vollmann, letter from Vollmann to Matthieu Borgois-3/11/99, letter to Vollmann from Agnese Incisa-1/18/99, fax to Vollmann from Ulrike Ladenbauer at Dor Film Production-9/30/98, letter to Vollmann from Andy Swartz, fax to Mike Leary. Part b A continuation of folder 35a.

It is an article about The Atlas. Stapled copies of information on Nicolas Marsolet de Saint-Aignan and Eustache Boulle and five pages of copied pictures of ships, maps, and weapons. Letter to Gordon Bornhart, clerk of the senate in Ottawa Canada requesting permission to except Canadian official documents. 9/31/91 Letter from Paul Cremo of Spring Creek Productions, about possible film project of Whores For Gloria. Article about Vollmann by Vince Passaro, Under the Women and the Wars Lies a Boy Genius.-4/15/96, article about The Atlas entitled, Girls of the War Zone, and another article entitled, Holiday In Cambodia. Pages (rubber banded) ms corrections, and some research copies (?). More than one copy, in order received, not re-ordered. 2/24/82 Letter from Esther Whitby (of Andre Deutsch). 5/5/87 Two page letter to Esther Whitby.

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Letter pute de nice whitby to Vollmann from Tim Forrester-2/10/99, letter to Vollmann from Michael, letter to Vollmann from Martha Brundin. 2/8/86 Letter from TG Rosenthal. 8/24/91 Letter from Jennifer Berman (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux). Dedicated to Alyssa Rose Bernstein. Letter to Brad Morrow from Nicky Mayhew about publication of White Knights in Conjunctions Magazine. 3/7/87 Letter to Bob in response. La prostitution, les voyages sexuels, Nice-Matin intitulait un article la guerre des trottoirs. Approximately 300 sheets. Sex Slave secret notebook and note that says, Do you want to escape? 1280 sheets. 6/26/88 Three page stapled printout of photos matching sentences in Whores for Gloria. 2/2/87 Note from Esther Whitby. McGrath about Grave of Lost Stories, 10/18/89. Brochure from City Miner. Violet Hair, ts with. Paperback novel of Vollmanns Butterfly Stories. 3/2/88 Letter from Esther Whitby to Brad Morrow. 3/21/86 Letter and line-by-line changes. Manila folder titled Anthro Refs: Dreams 1-2, includes: Handwritten page of The Development of Dead Town. 12/14/88 Letter to Bruce Trigger for help with Fathers and Crows. contains 49 sheets. Skinz and Historical Curiosity. This letter regards an Opium King Report, Spin Marketing Ideas, The Kickboxing revision, Next trip, revised schedule, surprise speeches etc., single malt, color separations. 12/7/89 Letter to Vollmann from Martin Fletcher of Pan Books accepting Whores for Gloria, and rejecting Afghanistan Picture Show. 2/89 Two page letter and four pages of revisions to Esther and Bob. Est aujourdhui jeté sur le sexe dans les lieux publics, notamment en matière de prostitution, les clubs échangistes et de rencontre,.

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  • Page, avec l idée de voir une chaude vidéo porno Pute sur nice le locle, et nous trouverons que vous avez à offrir.

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Article about Vollmann entitled, Ecrivain Culte en Amerique, in Les Inrockuptibles. Some pages are missing. 12/6/89 Stapled and paper clipped copy of Glossary. 8/11/93 Letter to Tom Rosenthal from Vollmann. Letter to Miss Deborah Treisman from Vollmann-6/10/99. The first letter is to thank him for his submission.

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