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aquifers that was given a religious quality in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology - http:. N de Bancarios del Uruguay aebv - Associated Electric Bee Veer aebw - Advanced Equine Body Worker aebx - Analogue Expansion-Board Extensionaeby - surname of famous photographer- http:. Acby - Alcohol Consumption Behaviors Youth acbz - acetylbenzocaine acca - Associate Chartered Association of Certified Accountants accb - asos configuration control board accc - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission accd - Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry acce - Annual Call Center Exhibition accf. Avhf - Antelope Valley Hope Foundation avhg - American Veterans Honor Guard avhi - Albrecht von Haller Institut avhj - amsterdammer VAN HET jaar avhk - Ambassade Van Het Koninkrijk avhl - Amber Valley Housing Limited avhn - Alberni Valley Heritage Network avho - Ankara. Top, missing, submit, aA, number of AAs found: 624 (92). B?cois aedr - Aggregated Experiment Data Record aeds - Automatic External Defibrillators aedt - Australian Eastern Daylight Time aedu - Agricultural Education aedv - Advocates to End Domestic Violence aedw - Acad? Wikipedia.org wiki User:Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes aaqr - Average Appearance Quality Rating aaqs - geocode for Southern hemisphere http:.

Aydp - Australian Youth Development Programme aydt - American Youth Dance m aydu - Americas Young Democrat Union aydy - Are You Dead Yet? Aise des v?t?rinaires aquacoles avar - m Inc avas - Autoritatea pentru Valorificarea Activelor Statului avat - avatex corporation avau - Associazione Valdostana Aiuti Umanitari avav - Annapolis Valley Audio Visual avaw - Australian Veterinarians against War avax - ActiveX Vector control package- full acronym. Amfr - autocrine motility factor receptor amfs - American Medical Forensic Specialists amft - Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team amfu - All Mizoram Farmers Union amfv - A Mind Forever Voyaging amfw - A Mind Forever Wandering amfy - Arizona Museum for Youth amga - American. Aavr - Automated Annual Verification of Member Renewal aavs - American Anti-Vivisection Society aavt - Association des Artistes Vietnamiens? Alhl - Animal Liberation Human Liberation alhm - Artificial Light Harvesting Molecules alhn - American Local History Network alhp - Appalachian Leadership Honors Program alhq - Attitudes Toward Loss of Hearing Questionnaire alhr - Advanced Laser Hair Removal alhs - Australian Lebanese Historical Society alht. Ahbz - Amer Haitian Bon Zami ahca - Australian Health Care Agreements ahcb - Austrian Hydro Consortium Basochhu ahcc - Active Hexose Correlated Compounds ahcd - Advance Health Care Directive ahce - Association of Hospital Chief Executive ahcf - Arizona Health Care Foundation ahcg.

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Atwf - nova-arte eu suresnes Air Transport World Freight atwg - nova-arte eu suresnes Aerospace Technology Working Group atwh - Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt atwi - and the winner is atwj - Around the World Journal atwk - against THE wind kennels atwl - All the Weyrs List atwm - Advanced. Voile acvw - Association of Countryside Voluntary Wardens acvy - ACtiVitY acvz - Amsterdamse Club voor Zweefvliegen acwa - Association of California Water Agency acwb - Anti Corruption Without Borders acwc - American Cellars Wine Club acwd - Alameda County Water District acwe - Austin. Ajdl - Analysis Job Description Language ajdm - Alan. O Brasileira de Agentes de Viagens abaw - Asian Bar Association of Washington abax - abaxis INC abay - A baby and you abaz - Amateur Boxing Association of Zambia abba - Association of British Bonsai Artists abbb - American Belgian Blue Breeders abbc. Gics adch - Art Directors Club of Houston adci - Amateur Drama Council of Ireland adcj - Associate Degree in Criminal Justice adck - Agence de d?veloppement de la culture Kanak adcl - Accredited Dosimetry Calibration Laboratories adcm - Asian Direct Capital Management adcn. Ansr - answerthink consulting GR anss - Advanced National Seismic System anst - ansoft corp ansu - associazione nazionale studio ufo ansv - Autoritatea Nationala Sanitar Veterinara answ - Antimony from New South Wales ansx - Ansco Investment Company anta - Australian Natural Therapists Association. Aspj - Airborne Self Protection Jammer aspk - Accompanying Spare Parts Kit aspl - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader aspm - aspect medical systems IN aspn - American Sports Photo Network aspo - About Some Precioux Oldies aspp - All Society Periodicals Package aspr - American. Measure atcn - Asian Turtle Conservation Network atco - Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers fo atcp - Alternative Teacher Certification Program atcq - A Tribe Called Quest atcr - Annual Tropical nova-arte eu suresnes Cyclone Reports atcs - Atlanta Telugu Christhava Samavesam atct - All Terrain Camera Tracking. Aosm - Aristide. N de Funcionarios de la Universidad de Valpara? Rios apbw - Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless apby - Areys Pond Boat Yard apca - Australian Payments Clearing Association apcb - Air Pollution Control Board apcc - American Power Conversion Corp apcd - Air Pollution Control District apce - and professional church educators apcf. Wikipedia.org wiki User:Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes aaqo - geocode for all oceans http:. Awhf - Are We Having Fun? Org afao - Australian Federation of aids Organisations afap - Attenuated familial adenomatous polyposis afaq - L'Association Francais pour L'Assurance de la Qualitie afar - American Federation for Aging Research afas - L'Association Fran? Akzo - akzo nobe akzx - akzo Nobel Chemicals Incorporated Top Missing Submit AL Number of ALs found: 438 (64) alaa - Applied Linguistics Association of Australia alab - Aquaculture Licences Appeals Board alac - Apple Lossless Audio Codec alad - amino levulinic acid dehydratase.

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O Brasileira de Tecnologia Gr? Anvu - ARS nostra VIS urbis anvv - Algemene Nederlanse Vereniging voor anwa - American Nordic Walking Association anwb - Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond anwc - Australian National Wildlife Collection anwd - Alex Nielsen Web Design anwf - Anti Nuclear War Fund anwg - Arctic and. Did you mean: adaa adyb - Recombinant Adenovirus Vector - http:.gov adyc - Armagh Diocesan Youth Council adyd - articulos dentales y derivados adyf - Asian Development Youth Forum adym - and Encyclopedia. Quiroga Moss ajqr - Admiralty: Jurisdiction: Quasi-Contractual Remedy ajra - Association of Judges of the Republic of Armenia ajrb - ann joo resources bhd ajrc - Australia Japan Research Centre ajrd - Administrative and Judicial Review of Decisions ajre - Apple Junction Real Estate ajrf. Atik - Agroforestry Technology Information Kit atil - Aviation Training International Ltd atim - Announcement Traffic Indication Message atin - Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number atio - Anti Terror Islamic Organization atip - Asian Technology Information Program atir - Attenuated Total Internal Reflection atis - Antique.

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